At R Motion we have extensive experience of swapping B and K engines into into a variety of Honda Civics, CRXs and Integras for road, track or race. Also, our extensive testing and racing of K series conversions means we can offer race proven and RELIABLE K series conversions on your car.

K series engines/swaps offer fantastic scope for tuning with engines easily capable of over 300bhp and 210ft/lbs torque. We have successfully and reliably raced a K20 EK for the last three years. Experience learned means we can offer a VERY RELIABLE k swap into your car. This does mean we don't use the cheapest parts available, but it will be a robust and reliable swap. A basic swap into a DC2 Integra or EK/EG civic costs approximately 7000 including all parts and labour.

B series engines/swaps offer a more straightforward and cheaper option than A K series. The standard Type R B18C/C6 pushes out over 200bhp with a good intake/manifold whereas one of our Cosworth 2L B18C engines is capable of 250bhp! For a standard B18C/C6 swap into an EG or EK, prices start from 3200 including S80 LSD Gearbox, JDM P73 ECU and labour.


Examples of our work: