K Swap Parts

Having raced K swapped cars for several years, we have the knowledge to supply all parts required for a RELIABLE K series engine into Integra Type R DC2s and Civic 1992-2000

Below are examples of what we can offer but contact us for a full bespoke kit prices

Product imagePrice: 450 ex VAT
DC2/EG Hasport Mounts - EGK1

K Swap Mounts for the Integra (1996-2000) and EG Civic (1992-1995). Lean mounts also available

Product imagePrice: 450 ex VAT
Civic EK/EJ Hasport Mounts - EKK2

K swap mounts for Civic 1996-2000. These require the Integra subframe/steering rack/arb/lower arms/Shock forks. For the EK civic, these are the only mounts we recommend.

Product imagePrice: 700-1500
K Swap header

A number of options are available from off the shelf ones (pictured) for 700 to full custom made race applications - Contact us for more details

Product imagePrice: 300-600
EG/EK/DC K swap driveshafts

Two options - OEM derived shafts or custom made 400hp shafts

Product imagePrice: 300 Ex VAT
DC5/RSX Shifter Cables

DC5 shifter cables - brand new from Honda - fit directly between the K shifter and K box

Product imagePrice: 250 ex VAT
Conversion Harnesses

Plug and play looms available for most applications